comfortFoot comfort is our specialty.

Whether you have:

… we can help with individualized solutions to help you feel more comfortable on your feet.

You’re not alone with foot pain. The foot is a complex structure, designed to carry our weight while we walk, stand, run and engage in sports. To accomplish this, there are 26 bones, and a sophisticated network of joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles in the foot. When alignment is off, weight shifts, and problems start.

The goal is to align the foot and ankle, support the arch and offload painful pressures. Keeping your feet in a healthy alignment feels better, and prevents problems from developing.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of changing to a more supportive shoe style. And one that fits.

The ultimate is a properly selected and fitted shoe, combined with a custom insole. We manufacture our own advanced, custom insoles that are worn in place of the sock liners that come with your shoes.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need big boxy shoes for custom insoles. But it’s true that generous depth and toe room, such that athletic shoes provide, will provide the optimum environment for comfort. Most people have a variety of shoes in their wardrobe, ranging from dress shoes, work shoes, and athletic shoes, not to mention boots and sandals. We believe in helping people feel more comfortable on their feet, in the shoes they want to wear.

To find out what Lee’s Comfort Shoes can do for you, call 937-599-2250 to schedule an initial appointment. There is no charge. And, bring your shoes.

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