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Physicians, nurses and therapists

treating disorders related

to the foot and ankle can

confidently refer their patients to

us for pedorthic with prescriptions

for reliable pedorthic care

diabetic_insertsWe are an accredited facility by the Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetic and Pedorthics (ABC), using knowledge and technology to appropriately dispense your prescriptions for

By providing biomechanical support and alignment for the foot, and protection for risk conditions of the foot, your patients can enjoy improved foot comfort, balance and mobility.

Working From Prescriptions

We support the treatment plan determined by the clinician for diabetic foot care, arthritis, sports-related conditions, fitting braces and prosthetics to shoes, enhanced foot function and comfort and more.

Creating The Baseline

For new patients, we create a baseline measure of the function of the foot as it relates to footwear or foot orthotics, using a combination of standard pedorthic assessment and digital technology where appropriate. At each subsequent visit, we can measure the progress against the baseline and report back to the clinician.

Objective Assessment

We are committed to leveraging the latest in assessment and production technologies to assist in delivering the highest standard of care.

Our Custom Foot Orthotics Laboratory
Shoes & Modifications

modelingMany patients benefit from custom foot orthotics. Orthotics deliver biomechanical support to help the foot function better, absorb and distribute shock, and provide relief from daily stress. Orthotics can positively affect total body alignment in cases where improper foot biomechanics contribute to back, hip or neck pain. We fabricate orthotics in our own laboratory, giving us great control over quality and accuracy.

We stock therapeutic and comfort shoes in a variety of widths and sizes.

When to Prescribe Pedorthics

Numerous presentations of foot pathology and symptoms result from bone, joint, or soft tissue problems that are commonly seen among multiple medical specialties - and often well-served by conservative modalities used in pedorthic care:


Your Prescription

A pedorthist is qualified to fill a prescription for footwear. Please include diagnosis and treatment plan, including the goal for an outcome. The prescription can be general or detailed.

Rx Examples

If we have a question, we will consult with the prescribing clinician.

For more information, we encourage you to explore other sections of this web site.

Diabetic Footcare

Custom Fabrication

On-Site Manufacturing

Services for Dispensing Practices

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