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Expect MORE from your Sports Orthotics

It is understood that you can get your sports orthotics from nearly anyone, anywhere. But athletes and clients of Lee’s Comfort Shoes report truly enhanced results. That's because of the skill and advanced technology available in a setting dedicated to treating your individual requirements.

Whether you're a competitive athlete or you enjoy your game for the fun of it, the soles of your feet will feel the difference when you stand on your own pair of Lee’s Comfort Shoes sports orthotics, integrated with your shoes.

At Lee’s Comfort Shoes, sports orthotics are not after-thoughts, not adjuncts to our busy practice. Indeed, our practice is entirely focused on orthopedic footwear – and doing it very, very well for you.

The process starts with a comprehensive pedorthic assessment by appointment. At no cost and no obligation.

Relief from:

orthoticsProcess for Detailing Sports Orthotics

The process starts with a detailed questionnaire that you fill out. You meet one-on-one, by appointment, with a pedorthist who is knowledgeable about foot conditions and the demands of your sport on your individual feet. You will receive a full pedorthic assessment. Hop on the treadmill, mimic your stance sport. Your feet are scanned using 3-dimensional optical imaging. We also scan a thermal plastic mold of your feet for a second data point, and your shoe's insole(s) as a third data point. Some clients elect to add a computerized gait analysis which integrates into the design of your custom sport orthotics.

Look forward to a discussion about which shoes are best for you. Make use of Lee’s Comfort Shoes’ focused shoe inventory or use your favorite shoe that you purchase elsewhere. What’s important is that the shoe and sport orthotics integrate finely, and work together for the best foot function. As an athlete invested in your feet, you can expect to find the pedorthic assessment highly informative and valuable to you. At this time, there is no charge to see an ABC board-certified pedorthist by appointment at Lee’s Comfort Shoes for an initial evaluation. A highly individualized approach, combined with in-house, precision technology provides you with the best custom sports orthotics available so that you can enjoy better sports performance.

Best technology for sports orthotics

Your sports orthotics will be designed in a computer aided design (CAD) environment; custom built one foot at a time. The process goes much further than simply replicating your mold: the design process is not software driven, nor in anyway pre-fabricated, but instead requires knowledge and skillful decision making, specific to your condition. The molding process is highly responsive. The sports orthotics is CNC-milled for a precise replication of the desired design. The material is comfortable and supportive. Finally, the ability to integrate the shoes and orthotics is a detail that results in maximum energy transpondence. This means greater comfort and support for you.

When your sports orthotics are finished and quality-assured, you'll return for a second appointment for final fitting and fine adjustments. After that, we encourage our clients to return for follow-up care if you find that an adjustment is needed, so that we can make your orthotics perfect for you. One of the benefits of working with Lee’s Comfort Shoes is that your sports orthotics are adjustable on all planes of motion, while you wait.

What can you expect? To feel better than ever and improve your competitive edge, with:

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Why Pedorthics for Sports Orthotics?
Detailed Process
Best Technology
Athletes talk about Lee’s Comfort Shoes

Why Pedorthics for Sports Orthotics?

More prevalent in Europe and Canada than in the US, a pedorthist is an allied health professional, focused on footwear, as it performs to meet your individual foot condition, including but not limited to treatment of disruptive foot conditions and injuries. Pedorthists are highly skilled in manufacturing custom foot orthotics, including sports orthotics, evaluating shoe construction, custom shoes, and all manners of orthopedic modifications to shoes.

At Lee’s Comfort Shoes we go much further. You also get the most advanced technology coupled with a detailed process for delivering substantial results. You can expect your sports orthotics to be a major competitive advantage and a joy to wear.


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